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Prenatal paternity testing

Prenatal paternity testing is something that many people are opting for nowadays. Pregnancy is a big responsibility and stress can cause dangerous things. Many mothers become stressed when they do not know who the father of the child is. Often, there are two alleged fathers, and it is not known who the father is. You can clarify this, and most people think that this can only be done after the birth. This is not the case, and you can also simply test this during pregnancy. You can do this with a prenatal paternity test, but how does that work exactly? In this article, we will discuss this in detail, so you will know all about it.

What is prenatal paternity testing?

Prenatal paternity testing means finding out who the father of the child is. This is not dangerous and can be done as early as 8 weeks of pregnancy. The … Read More

Scales that will actually help you get fit

Everyone has a goal that they want to achieve. Some people just want to get healthier or get more in shape and some people actually want to achieve a specific number. If you want to keep track of your journey, the Tanita scales can help you every step of the way! Tanita knows that being healthy does not equal being as skinny as possible. They want to help create a healthier and happier society, because whatever your goal is, it’s important not to lose sight of your happiness. If you want to know more about these unique scales, then please keep reading!

What is Tanita?

We’ll start by telling you a little more about Tanita. This company uses Japanese technologies to create healthier lives for everyone around the world. They specialise in measuring instruments, such as their unique scales. These scales are unlike you have ever seen, as they give … Read More

Meditation – How Spaniards fight stress

This year our minds put us to the test for Covid-19. This meant that 76% of the Spanish population suffered from anxiety. And also stress. But, according to, people have managed to combat stress and anxiety through meditation and positive thinking.

Mindfulness meditation is in vogue. In every corner, we can find posters illustrated with the figure of Buddha, a pile of piled pebbles, which levitate individuals, water, leaves, flowers, trees, clouds of words, or brains from which objects appear to announce a course. Most people choose to start yoga internationally.

Young people suffer from anxiety and depression due to covid-19

An “alarming” percentage of children and adolescents suffer globally from mental health problems due to the pandemic, according to a study that estimates that one in four young people has clinically increased symptoms of depression and one in five has symptoms of depression. anxiety has also … Read More