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Under the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 , offences have been classified as “bailable” and “non-bailable” offences. In the case of bailable offences, if the accused produces correct surety, and fulfils different circumstances, it is binding upon the Investigating officer to grant bail. However, in case of a non-bailable offence, the police cannot grant bail; it could solely be granted by a Judicial Magistrate/Judge. The Investigating Officer must produce the accused before the Judicial Magistrate/Judge involved inside 24 hours of his arrest. Depending upon the facts of the case, the judge decides whether bail must be granted. If bail is granted the accused should deposit cash with the court docket. Generally, for lesser crimes, a regular quantity is requested to be deposited for awarding the bail.

Bail Bonds guarantee that the accused particular person is able to set himself free from the jail till the time listening to commences at the court. This is ensured with a fee of sure sum which gets nullified in case of bail bonds because the individual is only imagined to pay 10% of the original bail quantity to the bail bondsman.

Before you embark on a seek for a bail bondsman, you should be conversant in the bail bond course of. Bail is a sum of cash that must be deposited by the accused to safe a short lived release from jail. The bail amount is about by the magistrate in court and is designed to ensure the accused returns to court docket at a later date. However, many defendants can’t publish the complete bail quantity, on their very own or with the assistance of household and pals, and should flip to a bail bondsman to help them submit bail. If a person is arrested by the police for a bailable offense, they’re allowed to make a name to a member of the family or a friend who can rent a bail bondsman to get them out on bail. The bail bondsman will gather the required personal particulars of the defendant and prepare the bail paperwork for the release. Moreover, you need not bother yourself with the advanced judicial process in putting up bail for the reason that bonding company will take care of that to assist in your release from jail.

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The solely thing that must be accomplished is for you or someone else to get in contact with a reliable bail agent. That person will offer you a deal, offering to put up your bail to get you released from jail in return for an affordable fee. With your consent, the bail bondsman will then submit the bail in your home, releasing you from custody.

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In addition, you also needs to ask the bondsman if they’ve been sued by a consumer within the last 12 months. Some bail brokers are sued by clients due to unreturned collateral within the type of cash or different property. You can affirm if the bondsman just isn’t wrapped up in any lawsuits because of poor service by looking the courtroom records within the county where the bail bondsman operates. Look on the civil court data for instances naming the bondsman as a defendant for the last five years to examine that the bondsman has a clear document. When a person accused of a crime is arrested, his assertion is recorded and data such as the name, residence handle, birthplace, charges filed are noted. The police officer can also check back the criminal report if any within the police station and ask for fingerprints to file a case against the accused.