How Bonds Work

How Much Do Bail Bonds Price?

Make sure the bail agent costs you only legal rates to not exceed 15% or $50 minimal per bond plus bonding, reserving, and filing fees required by the courtroom and or detention facility. Any additional expenses should be itemized and explained to your satisfaction. 1.Make positive you solely cope with a Colorado licensed bail bonding agent.

If your state does not offer reductions in bail prices, you can at all times ask the bondsman to waive the paperwork fee. This “paperwork payment” is often used by the bondsman to cowl journey and bills to write the bond. If the total deposit cannot be paid in an at-% bond, a surety company can be used.


Payers should still produce the entire $1,000, but it may be carried out over time with a fee plan. Any cash posted by way of a non-public surety company is non-refundable. The courtroom can also set further bail conditions just like parole circumstances which when violated may end up in the accused particular person being taken again into custody whereas awaiting trial. These bail circumstances largely depend on the nature of the crime and may embody common verify-ins, journey restrictions, gun restrictions, and limits on substance use.

bail bonds work

Ask to see the agents license and identification previous to any bail transaction. It sometimes takes anyplace from 15 minutes to 1 hour to be launched in a Municipal or City Jail. If a defendant is booked into a county jail it could take anywhere from 1 to eight hours to be launched on bail. With cash on the line, the bail agent has a financial curiosity in supervising bailees, and guaranteeing that they seem in courtroom every end each time the court docket orders them to appear. If the defendant doesn’t appear in court docket , the bail agent has time and the financial incentive to seek out the defendant and convey him/her to court docket.