Meditation – How Spaniards fight stress

This year our minds put us to the test for Covid-19. This meant that 76% of the Spanish population suffered from anxiety. And also stress. But, according to, people have managed to combat stress and anxiety through meditation and positive thinking.

Mindfulness meditation is in vogue. In every corner, we can find posters illustrated with the figure of Buddha, a pile of piled pebbles, which levitate individuals, water, leaves, flowers, trees, clouds of words, or brains from which objects appear to announce a course. Most people choose to start yoga internationally.

Young people suffer from anxiety and depression due to covid-19

An “alarming” percentage of children and adolescents suffer globally from mental health problems due to the pandemic, according to a study that estimates that one in four young people has clinically increased symptoms of depression and one in five has symptoms of depression. anxiety has also increased.

We talk about a meta-analysis organized by the University of Calgary frum Canada that collects data from 29 studies, which involved 80,879 young people from around the world; the results are published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

This research defines that the symptoms of anxiety and depression have doubled in children and adolescents compared to the time before the pandemic, which sums up a university statement.

The analysis incorporates 16 studies from Europe, East Asia, six from North America, two from Central and South America, and one from the Middle East – also shows that adolescents and older girls experience the highest levels of depression and anxiety.

Science has proven its benefits

Is there scientific evidence of its benefits? The short answer is yes. In the last ten years, studies on this subject have multiplied and some of them reveal various positive effects, such as reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. There are even specific cases where this practice seems to be beneficial for people with chronic diseases and cancer patients – especially breast cancer – to better manage their mental situation.

Conscious breathing

Embrace yourself, focus on your breathing and the way it goes through your whole body. Try this exercise when you are facing an awkward or scary situation or just at different times of the day to get a little more peace. You will instantly notice how, thanks to your breathing, your ideas are organized and you live the present in a much calmer way.


If you bet on meditation regularly, you will be able to reduce anxiety in a very visible way. Fears will continue to arise, yes, but your way of dealing with them will be very different. Instead of fighting with them, you will receive them kindly and you will know how to control them.

In addition to following these steps, technology can also help calm your anxiety. Meditation applications are great support for more than 3 million Spaniards who have started in this world or who are already veterans. The app has more than 400 meditations on various topics, including anxiety, and several guides to guide users.