Scales that will actually help you get fit

Everyone has a goal that they want to achieve. Some people just want to get healthier or get more in shape and some people actually want to achieve a specific number. If you want to keep track of your journey, the Tanita scales can help you every step of the way! Tanita knows that being healthy does not equal being as skinny as possible. They want to help create a healthier and happier society, because whatever your goal is, it’s important not to lose sight of your happiness. If you want to know more about these unique scales, then please keep reading!

What is Tanita?

We’ll start by telling you a little more about Tanita. This company uses Japanese technologies to create healthier lives for everyone around the world. They specialise in measuring instruments, such as their unique scales. These scales are unlike you have ever seen, as they give a detailed analysis of your entire body. Tanita has also developed a fitness program, specifically for women trying to get in shape and has even opened up their own restaurant. They want people to enjoy their fitness journey and they want to encourage as many people as possible.

Why are their scales so special?

Why are these specific scales so different from other scales, then? Normal scales only measure your weight, but Tanita does so much more. Their scales give you a better insight into your body and overall health. Take their segmental body composition monitor, for example. This scale is perfect for people who want to keep track of their journey in detail. These scales measure different health factors such as muscle mass, consisting of fat, protein and water levels using the BIA method. This method gives you the opportunity to measure and analyse different parts of your body on different factors. This way, you know exactly what you need to work on and you can adjust your workouts accordingly!

Other scales

Apart from their segmental body composition scales, they also sell normal scales. These scales, such as the Tanita bathroom scales, are incredibly precise. Tanita uses the best technologies, as they want to help anyone achieve their individual goal. Their scales are also quite compact, so you can store them anywhere. You can fit them into the tiniest places and even take them with you on vacation. All while being incredibly accurate and easy to use.